In one of the historical buildings lining the Veerhaven, one of the most glamorous neighbourhoods in Rotterdam, we designed the office for Rotrip.

The main focus was to enhance the acoustics in the office spaces and to give the rooms more identity and atmosphere.

By working with semi-transparent acoustic fabrics, we tackled the echoing sounds whilst still keeping the space airy enough. Next to that tapestries and rugs were added to give some colour, texture and some fun.

One of our favourite florists, ’s Zomers Botanical Warehouse designed custom decorations to give the design an extra layer of chic-ness. 

To add more punch we added some unique items such as the Dirk van der Kooij chandelier, the theatre-like tapestry by CC-Tapis.


The colours used are hues of blue and terracotta, colours one would normally not find in an office space. We believe that office designs could be more personal as people spend a lot of their time there. The colours add a certain freshness to the historical details in the two meeting rooms and by finding contrasts we believe both are more in balance. By painting the walls in a light blueish purple the historical ceilings became more visible.

By using curtains throughout the office we also enhanced the feeling of height of the spaces.

In the conference-call room a more circus-like atmosphere was established by hanging a tapestry depicting theatre curtains and a light fixture resembling lamps used in make-up rooms. When the user of the room is making a video call, he/she/they is the centre of attention.