After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Art Academie, I have worked for several architecture offices such as OMA and Van Bergen Kolpa before setting up his own design studio in 2009. I am passionate about creating places where materials and colours,  light and shadow, tactility and textures play an important part. These ingredients help form Studio van der Poort’s unique design vision, and have been instrumental in creating and collaborating on interior design projects in The Netherlands and beyond. My portfolio now boasts a broad variety of residential, office and hospitality projects.

Studio van der Poort is a design studio with years of hands-on experience. We are specialized in creating customized interior design concepts for residential and commercial spaces. Our portfolio ranges from retail and office spaces to hospitality and residential projects.

Our designs stand out because of their focus on the user and their tactility. Creating a fitting, unique atmosphere for each client is our main goal. To do so, we mix materials of various textures and colours to create interiors which are layered with depth and therefor have a personal and warm atmosphere. 

Human well-being is very important in our designs, we want the people who use the space to feel comfortable and at ease. The design of a space has a lot of impact on how people feel and use this particular space. We strive for design solutions that are not only beautiful, but also practical. Balanced and well-thought, with every single detail taken into account.

“God is in the details” as they say, goes for interior design as well of course. We love to focus on these little details and those are the things you’ll end up enjoying the most in your space eventually. Whether this a a nice piece of art, a beautiful door-handle or an amazing light fixture, it’s the details that really put the cherry on the cake.


× Levi’s
× LantarenVenster
× Dazed & Confused magazine
× Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
× Dag van de Romantische Muziek
× Happy Streets Rotterdam
× Brand Urban Agency
× Stichting Cultuurbrigade
× Horvat & Partners
× Rotrip

× Yogaground
× Open Streets
× Parking Day Rotterdam
× Gemeente Rotterdam (Municipality of Rotterdam)
× Peopleware (formerly Icento)
× Vereniging Deltametropool
× Kipgallery Rotterdam
× Flextep
× Vroesenpaviljoen
× Kunstlinie Almere


Delftseplein 36
3013 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands


tel: +31 (0) 6 17 144 355


There are currently no vacancies.